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  • News - This page contains importat information and is the first page you will see when logging on.
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    • My Profile - Click here to view your profile and statistics.
    • My Clan- Brings up a search bar to find other generals and view their statistics.
    • Find Generals- Click here to view your clan profile and statistics.
    • Find Clan- Brings up a search bar to find other clans.
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    • Inbox- Read any new mail here, also send mail to other players from here.
    • Chat- Live Chat.
    • Forums- Site forums, post any bugs you find, or suggestions you have.
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    • Active- Lists any games you are currently active in.*
    • Create- Use this option to create a new game to play.
    • Search- Use to find games by different criteria.
    • *To be active in a game you must have either created a game or joined a game.
      Best option might be to "Search" for a game and check the "Waiting for players" box.
      Then if nothing comes up, create a game.
  • Manuals
    • Navigation- You are viewing this page.
    • Instructions- Instructions on how to play the games are posted here.
    • Options- A Breakdown on all the options you can choose from when creating a game.
    • Medals- List requirements for obtaining medals.
  • Recon - Various lists of top players by category
  • Account
    • Recruit- Use this page to send an email invitation to your friends to play. (This feature will be disabled for a week to a month in order to get any bugs sorted out)
    • Go Extreme- See the rewards of becoming an extreme member and sign up on this page.
    • Preferences- Change your preferences here, such as turning music and emails on and off.
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